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Forklift Classification Type Determination
Which Types of Forklifts Do Your Employees Operate? Use The Visual Illustrations Below For Guidance
Forklift Classification Types Visual Reference Guide
Classification 1 Forklifts:

  • Electric Three Wheel Stand Up
  • Electric Three Wheel Sit Down (shown)
  • Electric Sit Down (cushion tires)
  • Electric Sit Down (other tire types)
Classification 2 Forklifts:

  • High Lift Straddle
  • Order Picker (shown)
  • Stand Up Reach Type Outrigger
  • Side Loader, Turret Truck, Swing Mast, & Convertible Turret/Stock Picker
Classification 4 Forklifts:

  • Propane, LPG, Gas, Diesel Fork Counterbalanced (cushion solid rubber tires)
Classification 3 Forklifts:

  • Low Lift Walkie Pallet
  • Low Lift Platform
  • Tractors (draw bar pull down 999 lbs.)
  • Low Lift Walkie/ Center Control
  • Reach Type Outrigger (shown)
  • High Lift Straddle (circle unit)
  • High Lift Counterbalance
  • Low Lift Walkie/ Rider Pallet
Classification 5 Forklifts:

  • Propane, LPG, Gas, Diesel Fork, Counterbalanced (pneumatic or solid tires)
Classification 7 Forklifts:

  • Variable Reach Rough Terrain Forklift Truck
Classification 6 Forklifts:

  • Sit Down Rider (draw bar pull over 999 lbs.)
Classification 1 Forklift
Classification 2 Forklift
Classification 3 Forklift
Classification 4 Forklift
Classification 5 Forklift
Classification 6 Forklift
Classification 7 Forklift